<aside> 🎓 Carol-Ann Braun’s career spans the visual arts, teaching, and community work.

Her early digital compositions have evolved to include generative programs based on chance operations—the raw material for new compositions and experimental videos. With the sponsorship of the Atelier du CUBE, she began in 2005 using webcam technologies for “behavior-based” installations, a continuing design priority.

In 2002, she founded a citizen’s collective, “Concert-Urbain,” testing internet platforms for participatory decision-making in the 13th arrondissement, Paris. With funding from the Mairie de Paris and The Fondation de France, she and her neighbors are designing a roving civic tech center, “La Station C” (named after France’s digital hub, La Station F).  See also : concerturbain.wordpress.com

For the past three years, she has been working under the pseudonym “B_LONG” with programmer and videographer Alain Longuet, doing generative works and related installations.


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CAROL-ANN BRAUN - Work dating back to 1990s…Compositions


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